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We have received lots of requests to make the special events of our gelato lovers even more special by adding something really cool.

Bring an authentic Amore Gelato shop into your special event. We will set an Amore Gelato Kiosk station, with a professional display cabinet and a full Amore Team at your disposal to serve you and your special guests with a lovable smile. Let us serve you. Contact us.

For Catering Companies and 5 star Catered Events

Sometimes it’s hard to find the extra touch that turns the average occasion into an evening to remember.

To accomplish this task we are concentrating on catering specifically to our client’s special needs. Our team understands the importance of personal attention and the ability to adapt to different requirements. Working intimately with our clients makes it possible to not only provide outstanding gelato but also take their budget and service standards into consideration so we can give the best quality product for reasonable price.

To ensure that we serve only the freshest gelato we produce the gelato within 24 hours of it being served. We’re also strictly against using additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors in our gelato.

Do you run a Restaurant?

Make your dessert menu look more special in a natural way!
If your customers are important to you, the commonly available industrial quality frozen dessert in the market is probably not the best way to delight your gentle guests. Surprise them with Amore premium quality handcrafted gelato.

For Mumbai, please contact Mr Yasser Ali: +91 98332 87633
For Hyderabad, please contact Ms Dilkash: +91 99891 57771

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